Corporate Headquarters

Publix Super Markets, Inc., a Fortune 100 company has its corporate headquarters in Lakeland.  Publix, is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States with over 177,000 associates, 1105 stores, 10  manufacturing facilities and 8 distribution centers in the Southeast  and is Florida’s largest private employer. Companies with corporate headquarters in the Lakeland area include:

Supply Chain & Logistics

Lakeland is home to over 28 million square feet of industrial/warehouse space with over 12,500 employed in the supply chain & logistics business. Companies with large investments in the Lakeland market include:

Value Added Manufacturing

Brookings Institute recently ranked the Lakeland MSA as #8 in the nation for manufacturing jobs. Manufacturers employ over 14,000 in Lakeland.  Companies with large capital investments in our market include:

medical Device Packaging & Sterilization

Tampa Bay ranks in the top 20 nationwide for medical device manufacturing.  Lakeland has seen significant growth in recent years in medical device, packaging and sterilization services.  Companies with significant capital investments in our market include:

Financial Services

Lakeland has a strong presence of name-brand financial service companies. Lockheed Martin employs over 300+ employees in our market and their Lakeland  office handles all of their back-end accounting operations.  Additional large financial service companies in our market include:

Data Centers & Disaster Recovery

Data Centers serve large corporations across a variety of industry sectors, as well as offering consulting capabilities in disaster preparedness and recovery.  Lakeland area companies include:

Related service providers include:

Flavors & Essences

Lakeland is known for our history in citrus, which has attracted six international flavors & and essence companies. This industry is only found in two areas of the United States: Lakeland, FL and New Jersey.  Many of these companies use citrus by-products for food flavoring, alcohol, perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, rubber and textiles.  Among the flavor & essence companies that call Lakeland home are:

Software & IT

The Lakeland area is home to several software and computer services companies, as well as large creative and information systems centers for FedEx and Saddle Creek Logistics Services. This sector employs more than 4,000  and includes:


Lakeland Linder International Airport is home to the world famous NOAA Hurricane Hunters and Draken International. The airport’s economic impact to the region is over $574 Million (2019 FDOT Economic Impact Study). Central Florida Aerospace Academy, Polk State College and SEU Aerospace programs are located onsite. LAL hosts Sun ‘n Fun, the world’s second largest fly-in.

Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals

There are over  200 medical, health care and biotechnology companies with more than 20,000  employees  located in Lakeland/Polk County. Companies with significant capital investments in our market include:


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