The High-Skill initiative focuses on recruiting and retaining companies which support high-skill, high-wage employees and manufacture complex research-oriented products. The initiative is funded and supported by 23 investor companies, separate from the LEDC budget.

Pursuing high-skill, high-wage jobs that will improve Lakeland’s quality of life involves: developing higher education and economic development partnerships, facilitating the development of high-skill infrastructure (including a research university, Florida Polytechnic), downtown development, redevelopment, addressing healthcare needs, marketing, incentives, and city visits. Learn more about our high-skill, high-wage investors here.


Catapult (501c3) is an initiative of the LEDC and our HSHW investors. Catapult is a community-centered coworking space whose aim is to foster the growth of startups in Central Florida and maintain their success through affordable membership, thoughtful education, and funding. Whether you are looking to replace your home office, trying to scale your business appropriately, or pursuing a dream, Catapult is here to help you get there. Learn more here.

SUMmer leadership program

The Summer Leadership Program was created in 2008 through our HSHW initiative. The goal of the program is to connect 21 to 30-year-old interns & new hires with each other and the community through a 5-week program. Each session focuses on team building, leadership training, tours of industry and community service organizations. To date, SLP has had 776 graduates from over 100 companies. 

Learn more about the 2024 Summer Leadership program here. 


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