For years Lakeland has remained one of the top industrial markets in Central Florida. We currently have over 4 million + square feet of development recently completed and under construction. Overall, we have over 23 million square feet of industrial space and over 1.5 million square feet of office space. The LEDC tracks the latest building & land sales as well as speculative development construction. Stay up-to-date with our market comps below.

YearCompanyAddressSQ. FT.PricePrice/SQ. FT.
2020T3B HOLDING LLC to NOVUS REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LLC631 Midflorida Dr. 3,048$580,000$190.29
2019Dicks Betty to Work Shop Space LLC945 S Florida Ave.5,564$330,000$59.31
2019Nally Properties LLC to SVN Real Estate 1723 US Hwy 9812,462$1,025,000$82.25
2019Borden to Baron Management LLC201 Kentucky Ave. N16,890$1,900,000$112.49
2019BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY CREO ADMIN to Slimdog Enterprises LLC3830 Florida Ave. S.6,917$560,000$80.96
2019116 Missouri LLC to Polk Theatre116 Missouri Ave S. 10,150$409,000$42.30
2018KLABER ERNEST L to PAUSCO LLC5147 S LAKELAND DR5,800$617,500$106.47
2018CRF Pipkin LLC to Navjay LLC500 S Florida Ave12,500$1,050,000$84.00
2018Twelve Point Holdings LLC to DMG Drive LLC3700 DMG Drive 12,375$1,145,000$92.53
2018 Chastain Skillman to 37 South Lakeside Business Park, LLC4705 Old Hwy 3715,000$1,200,000$80.00
2018Capesa Company, LLC to Mauro Ruffy4690 Exploration Ave12,000$1,925,000$160.42
2018Ten Cap Partners LLC to MIDFLORIDA2000 E Edgewood24,752$2,252,500$91.00
2018 Grenson Inc to MIDFLORIDA2128 E Edgewood Dr10, 802$1,211,700$112.70
2018Stonehouse Capital to LKLD Institute for Learning2020 Capital Grove7,975$600,000$75.24
2018KAMP to ARZC Partners LLC509 W. 540 A5,000$685,000$137
2018BOONE VENTURES LLC1525 S. Florida Ave. 7,000$930,000$132.85
2017GRINDLEY WILLIAMS PLLC4175 S Pipkin Rd. Suite 208-2149,765$525,000$53.76
2017Polk Theatre Inc.117 W. Lemon Street7,081$500,000$70.61
2017TP Twelve LLC to The Geneva Group402 S. Kentucky Ave.71,190$7,200,000$101.14
2017L K & T Properties LLC to J. Thompson Properties 1820 E. Edgewood Dr.8,076$1,212,500 $150.12
2016300 West Lime LLC to Lakeland West Lime LLC300 West Lime St.181,720$19,476,582$107.18
2016Heritage Plaza LLC to BKP Five LLC225 East Lemon St.40,956$6,573,600$160.50
2016Florida Citrus Mutual to Publix Super Markets, Inc.411 East Orange Street24,556$3,100,000$126.24
2016Nelms Warren Boger to Rispartners Vascular LLC3221 S. Florida Ave.11,028$1,350,000$122.45
2016HPC Healthcare Inc to Main Street Building LLC 320 West Main Street15,000$1,400,000$93.33
2016AHS Properties LLC to Trinova of Florida LLC2401 Drane Field Rd.17,817$1,835,000$102.99
2016Norman Investment LLC to Saqib Khan116 S. Tennessee Ave.9,760$681,000$69.77
2016Highland Commericial Properties LLC to Isabella Property LLC4310 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 338136,500$1,060,000$163.08
2015Belvedere Professional Office 1525 S. Florida Ave.6,980$825,000$118.19
2015 1509 S. Florida LLC1509 S. Florida Ave.7,576$900,000$118.80
YearCompanySQ. FT.AcresPricePrice/SQ. FT.
2020Blue Steel Development to Bobeck Real Estate221,87519.67$15,100,000$67.77
2020Brennan Investments to USCIF Lakeland LLC440,00047.32$41,200,000$93.64
2020Haverty's to Suntrust Equity Funding332,00024.33$24,500,000$73.80
2020Demo Sales Inc. to Whitten House LLC22,5001.88$1,900,000$84.44
2019Mary E Harrell to David W. Roberts16,4403.92$1,175,000$71.47
2019Global Logistics Properties to Blackstone Real Estate464,85019.91$21,281,693$45.78
2019Blue Steel Development to Key Logistics Owner LLC349,92022.21$25,197,400$72.01
2019Blue Steel Development to Key Logistics Owner LLC491,92022.09$35,422,700$72.01
2019CalSTRS to WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust400,00034.91$24,056,329$60.14
2019AGRIWORLD BUSINESS INC to WEBRESTAURANT INC40,6501.99$1,450,000$36.80
2019Hungry Howies Distributing to Publix Super Markets Inc. 23,9574.81$970,000$40.49
2018DHL Supply Chain to GLP520,00025.62$47,425,000$91.20
2018Blue Steel Development to DHL Supply Chain520,00025.62$42,500,000$81.73
2018SCANNELL PROPERTIES 314 LLC to Tratt Properties650,80845.7$40,600,000$62.38
2018MP LAKELAND LOGISTICS JV COMPANY LLC to BVK US POOL 01 LLC490,00010.93$40,200,000$82.04
2018JMC PROPERTIES LLC to ROUNDUP LLC48,0005.14$1,500,000$31.21
2018PILOT BANK to KME INDUSTRIAL PARK LLC10,4008.24$537,800$51.71
2018VG PROPERTY HOLDINGS GROUP LLC21,0002.92$875,000$41.67
2018Brennan Investments to Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT Inc605,41247.32$59.600.000$98.00
2017Parkway Partners to GALIL REALTY ADA COMPLIANT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 102,4487.27$6,554,000$64.22
2017Parkway Partners to GALIL REALTY ADA COMPLIANT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 70,1925.42$4,850,000$69.10
2017Parkway Partners to GALIL REALTY ADA COMPLIANT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 56,7754.12$3,991,500$70.30
2017FL LVS PROPERTY LLC12,000$500,000$41.67
2017Con-Serv Man10,800$495,000$45.83
2016Parkway Partners to MHOC LLC121,20010.36$7,112,700$58.68
2016USAA/Johnson Development to Tratt Properties (Amazon) 1760 County Line Rd.1,016,116116.77$87,657,000$86.26
2016Layne Chistensen to Robinson Machine 39,2006$2,200,000$56.27
2016McLanahan to Amega Sciences65,7504.09$2,450,000$37.26
20164245 Drane Field Road14,0008.75$947,500$68.00
2016US Foods to Colorado Boxed Beef218,38313$5,662,000$26.00
2016Shirlye Partners LLC to Southern Furniture Leasing20,000$768,000$38.40
2016Lakeland WH Partners LLC to LAPP Lakeland II LLC50,0004.18$2,510,000$50.20
2015Phillips & Phillips to Midwest Property - 3039 Drane Field Rd.45,0002.42$1,650,000$36.67
2015Mid State Machine- 2710 Mine & Mill11,000.87$320,000$29.10
2014Sunco (JK Properties, Inc.)22,8108.03$1,650,000$72.34
20145115 N. Frontage Road (Circuit Electric)54,2125.4$1,359,000$25.07
2014CLM Polk Properties to KRLS LLC - 3306 Waterfield Road15,0004.26$730,000 $48.67
20132420 New Tampa Highway62,50021$1,500,000 $24.00
2013801 McCue Road15,6457.15$775,000$49.54
20132580 Old Combee Road (Finzer to Swift)12,4501.242$540,000$43.37
2013Rosen Materials18,0001.55$900,000 $50.00
2013918 Oleander St. 16,8501.5$730,000$43.32
20135300 Great Oak Drive (Freezer/Cooler)39,120$1,800,000 $46.00
20133049 Drane Field Road15,400.83$450,000$29.22
2012Carmic Mfg. Co. Inc. to Petcoff - 2020 S. Combee Road27,5001.15$675,000 $24.55
2012McLanahan (All Star Bleachers)71,6234.09$2,150,000$30.02
2012Exeter (JC Penney)360,00022.38$17,062,000$47.40
2012Liberty Property Trust (Coca Cola)100,0004.75 $6,850,000.00 $63.64
YearBusiness ParkCompanyAcresPrice/Acre
2020Drane Field/WaringBobby Moore Properties6.15$195,122
2020Lakeland Central ParkParkway Properties725$14,285
2019Xebec GatewayXebec40$116,250
2019CenterState Industrial EastBrennan Investment165.31$75,616
2019Airport Road PropertiesAIRPORT ROAD PROPERTIES OF POLK COUNTY LLC24.93$36,105
2019BSD Dranefield Blue Steel Development19.67$68,760
2018Bridgewater University Industrial ParkWhitney Bank to CH REALTY VIII RIDGE DEV CO I ORLANDO BRIDGEWATER LLC175.97$21,310
2018Dragstrip LogisticsLakeland Dragstrip Inc to Knapp Ackerman Lakeland LLC55.97$55,212
2018I-4 Logistics HubXebec60$69,167
2018Key Safety LogisticsBlue Steel Development154$36,039
2015Gateway Commerical ParkRELP IND Bridgewater LLC16.32$197,794
2015First Park @ Bridgewater- 7100 Havertys WayHRC Bridgewater LLC5.68$22,007
201540 Acre Truck Stop/Memorial Blvd.Ridge Development46.61$57,391
2014Ruthven (O'Reilly)50,000 sf spec- Ruthven22$57,273
2014Woods Family ManagementWoods Family Management17.45$55,003
2013Ridgeway PropertiesRidgeway Properties15$16,667
2013Amazon Logistics CenterAmazon117$39,316
2012Manhiem Auto AuctionO'Reilly Auto Parts71.2$76,194
2012Knight Transportation Knight Transportation 16.5$33,333
2011Matheson Tri GasMatheson Tri Gas15.86$48,477
2020CenterState Logistics East8565 SR 331,000,000
2020Blue Steel Development5275 Drane Field Rd221,000
2020Ridge Development6200 SR 33712, 800
2020Transwestern Development 8100 SR 33700,000
2019Xebec8355 SR 33537,000
2019Blue Steel Development5300 Allen K Breed Hwy491,920
2019Brennan Investment 8060 SR 33440,000
2019Blue Steel Development5300 Allen K Breed Hwy349,920
2019Ruthven Combee Rd. 4000 N. Combee Rd. 197,600
2019Ruthven Combee Rd. 4000 N. Combee Rd. 129,480
2018Blue Steel5300 Allen K. Breed Hwy.520,000
2018Ruthven Anchuca3920 Anchuca Dr.78,000
2017MGW Development4202 Waring Road30,200
2016Ridge Development - Building 2002025 US Hwy 92 W245,000
2016Ruthven2815 Drane Field Road97,890
2016RuthvenHamilton Rd./Anchuca Way40,000
2016 Brennan Investment Group8060 SR 33605,000
2016Seefried Bridgewater Commerce Center275,000
2015Ruthven5300 Gateway Blvd.60,000
2015Ridge Development - Building 1002011 US Hwy 92 W245,000
2015Ruthven2825 Drane Field Road131,170
2015Aspyre Properties4100 S. Frontage Rd. - Bldg 800174,000
2015Ruthven3150 County Line Road50,000
2013Central Florida Development300-500 Eagles Landing152,600
2012Aspyre Properties4100 S. Frontage Rd.53,000
2012Parkway Partners III4070 S. Pipkin Road57,000


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