About Membership

Although we have been successful in attracting new industry and helping existing industry expand, economic development goes far beyond the relocation of a company, an advertising campaign, or a marketing mission. In its truest sense, it’s a community commitment. It is a barometer that measures just how serious a community’s leaders are about their economic well-being.

Because the LEDC is a community-based membership organization, the financial support and investment of our members is the key to our existence and success.

Promoting our members, providing insider information to them and identifying and addressing their needs is priority one for us. Our members count on us to excel at recruiting and retaining business. We do this by marketing Lakeland and its assets. This leads to the creation of jobs, square footage absorption and capital investment in our community.

Your financial commitment will not only support the operations of the LEDC, but it shows increasing private sector support of economic development. You are invited to join the LEDC and show your support of the economic growth and diversity of Lakeland.

Opportunities to engage include LEDC meetings and tours:

Monthly Meetings- the latest industry updates, presentations on topics affecting local business, and industry expert panels.

Tours-on location tours of the latest new facilities, led by the decision makers.


1) Promote our Members: LEDC Members are promoted through our online personalized member profiles, referrals, and social media.

2) Insider Information: Join us at our member-only meetings and events, where you can connect with decision makers and be the first to hear and see the latest projects. Receive exclusive monthly newsletters that highlight industry updates and development.

3) Address Member Needs: When hard issues arise, our members look to us. We are the first to roll up our sleeves and tackle the issue. 

4) Market Lakeland Properties: We promote available properties which includes warehouse, office & flex buildings as well as “coming soon” properties.  We actively send these properties to brokers, site selection consultants & end users.  View available properties here.

5) Generate Leads: Close relationships with real estate professionals and local industry decision makers enable us to make connections and generate a continuous pipeline of leads.

6) Site Visits: Industry experts look to us to make connections. Whether you are touring the market or collecting information on labor and talent, we are here to assist.